Join the Wine Ambassador program today and receive a BONUS 1- month's supply on your best-selling pouring wine


Does your wine list need a refresh?

 The Wine Ambassador Program is designed to help vendors maximise profit margins on wine sales.

 Our account managers are experts in matching wines to menus and can train your team to become more skilled in discussing wines with customers too.

 A customised wine menu can be developed, in conjunction with tastings, to help build product knowledge and expertise.


Wine Ambassador Program Benefits:


Bonus Wine


As a new member you will receive as a bonus 1 month's wine on your bestselling pouring wine


2-Serving Pricing


Receive two serving sized by the glass pricing strategy  |  150ml and 250ml glass


Staff Training


Staff training including tastings


Tailored Wine Lists

Tailored wine lists, marketing POS support


Joining is easy! Simply:

Book an appointment with an Account Manager  |  Commit to stocking a selection of our wine range


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