William Lawson's Blended Scotch Whisky 1 Litre 


First established in 1849, this whisky is known of having a high ratio malt in the blend, ensuring fantastic flavour and quality. This is very much a typical blended Scotch whisky, and offers a wonderful rendition of the classic format. On the nose the drinker is immediately greeted with aromas of soft, creamy barley, waves of rich vanilla, sultanas, sweet spices, butter, dusty oak and citrus peel. The palate is heavy with succulent rum-soaked dried fruits: prunes, raisins and dates, with a little toasted nut, a bready note, a touch of cinnamon and oaky vanilla. The finish is creamy, short and malty, with a slight edge of pepper.

Tasting Note

Sweet and medium-bodied in style, with a high malt content. At its core is the single malt of Macduff distillery, married with various bold malts and grain whiskies with a fruit forward character. No peated whisky is added.

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