Australian Seltzer Co. Vodka Finger Lime Lemon Myrtle & Ginger 275ml 


A unique taste of Australia! A deliciously carbonated blend of 100% natural native Australian fruits, herbs and roots infused with a refreshing vodka base using natural water. Lemon Myrtle, Crystal Finger Lime and Wild Ginger.

Low in sugars & carbohydrates (compared with most beers and soft drinks). Vegan, Fair Trade, gluten free, includes Australian native ingredients.

Tasting Note

Aroma - Crystal finger limes expose an unmistakable lime freshness with the lemon myrtle providing a beautifully fragrant perfume.

Taste - Refreshingly light with a delicate effervescence that carries a supple sweetness that perfectly balances with the bold lemon myrtle. The spice of the wild ginger complements the acidity and sweetness delivering a refreshing drink that will excite your taste buds!

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6X4 Pack In Stock

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