Kensei: a Samurai warrior of the most legendary skill. A level of distinction given to the most skillful and heroic warriors who have spent their lives training to attain a level of perfection that only a few will achieve. Produced through an artisanal process that traces its origins from Hokkaido and Nagano Prefecture. It is then blended and aged for 3 to 4 years in American oak barrels. Kensei Whisky has been created by drawing upon the Samurai spirit of striving for perfection and crafted with the same level of commitment demonstrated by the Samurai warriors of the past.

Japan is the world's third largest producer of Whisky behind Scotland and the USA. The global popularity of Japanese whisky increased after two prestigious World Whisky Awards in 2008. Consumers and sellers alike were soon alerted to the superior product Japan was producing and the demand for it has never ceased. Kensei is blended from Japanese whiskies produced by distilleries located in Hokkaido and Nagano. Hokkaido is Japan's second largest island and a hub for spirit production. The climate is similar to that of Scotland's west coast so is conducive to whisky production. Nagano's climate is also ideal for whisky production with a number of distilleries built in the alps to encourage slow maturation. The soft, filtered granite water here too is also favourable.

Tasting Notes

A gentle floral aroma abounds with winter spice flavours combined with caramel and vanilla hints on the palate. A long fruity finish.


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